Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What is the useful of hidden lines in the engineering Drawing?

Main Topics

The Different types of lines are involved engineering drawing according to the drawing standards and for understanding.

Drawing lines are showing their preferences in the drawing. Hidden lines are having depth explanation behind according to the drawing system.

In the engineering drawing lines are understood only by draftsmen and manufactures as well as drawing experts.

Hidden lines

Hidden lines are showing the surfaces of the drawing but the lines are not visible directly. The hidden lines are appearing very less color and thin with dotted.

Hidden lines

These lines are mostly used for typical part drawings and hidden lines are representing to showing the surfaces whenever the draft man could not see volute of the part drawing.

The engineering drawing understandings by the hidden lines are plays a vital role. The hidden lines are also called as dotted lines.

The fabricators are developing the components according to the part drawings.