Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What is the use of engineering drawing?

Engineering Drawing is a document that constrain a precise Description of part. The description consists of pictures,words,numbers and symbols Together.

These document communicate part in information to all Drawings.

The use of scales in engineering drawing.

Drawing sheet

Engineering drawing information includes.

  • Geometry [shape,size and form of a part.
  • Critical functional relationship.
  • Tolerances allowed for proper function.
  • Material heat treat surfaces coatings.
  • Part documentation information such as identification number,revision level name,date,etc….

Necessity of 2d drawings as regards 3d model


Standard sheet sizes in engineering drawing.

  • Dimensional specification including Tolerance Specification & Geometric tolerancing.
  • Material specifications and Surface Treatments.
  • Tests methods Specification.

For more: The concepts involved in manufacturing drawing.

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