Wednesday, 12 August 2020

What is the lubrication system and Different types of lubrication system used for an automobile engine

Lubrication system is the pivotal system in the automobile engine. The lubrication system delivers controlled amount of lubricant. Oil pumps are the mechanical devices. The oil pumps are used for distributing the oil to other moving parts of the engine of an automobile.

The lubrication systems are.

Engine lubrication system

  • Engine lubrication system is serves several functions essential to the safe and reliable operations of the engine.
  • The lubrication system keep the clean and cools the many moving parts in an engine as they thousands of times every minute.

Engine Lubrication System

  • Lubrication system process is useful for the keep the engine components from the wear.
  • The lubrication system it is ensure everything work efficiently at controlled temperatures.

Engine lubrication system is classified into two types.

  • Pressure type lubrication system:

    • Pressure type lubrication system in the lubrication oil is pressurized by using a gear pump.
    • Oil supplied to lubricate various parts of the moving elements in the system.

    Splash type lubrication system:

    • The splash type lubrication system in this a dipper made up of metal rod attached at the lower end and of the connecting rod used to splash the oil.
    • Then the oil spread over parts and lubricate them.

Chassis lubrication system:

  • Chassis lubricating system is needed in which each individual part of the body is lubricated separately.

Chassis Lubrication System

  • Because a single lubricant cannot lubricant the whole body of the engine and also the type of lubrication various from one part to the other part.