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What is the linear measurement and Types of linear measuring instruments.

Linear measurement is the measurement of Diameters, Lengths, Thickness, Heights and also which are includes internal measurements and external measurements.

The Linear measurements are classified into Two types they are.

  1. Precision Instruments.
  2. Non – Precision instruments.
Linear measuring instruments
Linear measurements

Linear measurements of Precision Instruments

The precision instruments are following to possess high degree of accuracy in measuring the dimensions. The instruments used for measuring the angles and Types of Plain Limit gauges.

  1. Vernier Calipers
  2. Slip Gauges
  3. Micrometers
  4. Vernier Height gauge and Depth Gauge
  5. Vernier Micrometer
  6. Depth micrometer
  7. Inside Micrometer and Outside micrometers
  8. Telescopic Gauge
  9. Differential screw micrometers
  10. Screw thread micrometers
  11. Sheet metal micrometer
  12. Spline micrometer
  13. Tube micrometer
  14. Disc Type Micrometer
  15. V- anvil micrometer

Linear measurements of Non – Precision instrument

The Non precision measuring instruments are.

  1. Calipers
  1.  Transfer Calipers
  2. Outside and Inside Calipers
  3. Spring Calipers
  4. Odd leg Calipers   

    b. Steel Rule  

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