Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What is the Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis is the one of the important part in the process of understanding objective entities. The objective of dimensional analysis is to understanding by the units, Fundamentals and Derived quantities.

In the dimensional analysis process all measurable physical quantities can be divides into two types they are.

The basic quantities of mechanics Length,mass and time. These units are mainly selected for measuring of these quantities these units are called as a fundamental units. Those units are obtained from the fundamental units are called Derived units.

Dimensional analysis


Dimensions to which the fundamental units of time, length and mass these units are obtained by the derived units power.

Dimensional Equation

Dimension equation is the obtained by the equating the physical quantities with it’s dimensional formula. The dimension equation of the speed is given as a. Speed = M 0 LT -1  

Dimensional Formula

Dimensional formula is an expressions which of the fundamental units are required and which shows how to represent the unit of physical quantity.

Velocity = Displacement / Time

Dimensional Quantities are Fundamental quantities and Derived quantities.

Fundamental Quantities

Electrical CurrentA

Derived Quantities

Physical QuantityDimensional FormulaExpression
Area [ L ]Length x Breadth
Acceleration [ LT ]Velocity / Time
Momentum[ MLT -1 ]Mass X Velocity
Density[ ML -3 ]Mass / Volume
Force[ MLT -2 ]Mass / Acceleration
Work[ M L-2]Force X Distance
Power[ M L-3]Work / Time
Energy[ M L-2]Work
Radius of Gyration [ L ]Distance