Wednesday, 8 July 2020

What is specific gravity and compressible, incompressible fluid

The specific gravity is defined as the ratio of mass density or weight density of a fluid to the mass density or weight density of a standard fluid.specific gravity based on the it’s value.


It is the ratio between the reference substance and density of an object.

  • Specific gravity is dimensional less quantity and it is denoted by the “S”

S = Weight density (density) of liquid / Weight density of water

S = Weight density of gas / Weight density of air

Compressible and Incompressible fluid

Compressible Fluid:

  • Compressible fluid is defined as the fluids which change their density for even a small changes in temperature or pressure are termed as compressible fluids.
  • Example of compressible fluid is: Air, Vapour and gases.

InCompressible Fluid:

  • The fluids are defined as the substances for which the density of every particles remains constant at any temperature (or) pressure irrespective of the state of stress.
  • Example of Incompressible fluid is:H2O and mercury.

Fluids have a properties.