Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What is meaning of Product Life Cycle Process

The meaning of product life cycle process it is a dealing among the customers and markets,

  • The product life cycle process is process in different ways depending upon the type of customer groups.

Product Life Cycle Industry:

Product life cycle process

  • In industry area the design is made by the customers and firm in some causes.
  • Some times design and production is done by the industry it self.
  • In the industry product life cycle begins with the product concept and an idea to manufacture it.
  • When the concept is developed,refined,analyzed and improved and is given to the design engineer.
  • Required materials,dimensions,machines etc.., which are finalized and a plan is made for the product development.


  • Design the component with required dimensions.
  • The designing part drawing prints are to be provide for production.
  • The quality of production of a specific component is checked by the production engineer.
  • The product of a drafting plan is made using a set of engineering drawing.
  • The drafting plan is showing how the product is made.
  • It is providing a set of specification of the product and it is indicating how the product should perform.


  • Manufacturing unit of process plan for specifying the sequence of production operations so that the product would be manufactured at the lowest cost possible.
  • Sometimes new equipment and machine tools may be required to produce the product.
  • If any development required for the product design should be done in this stage only.
  • The completion of product process plan it is implemented by taking some actions like making the tools, raw material required, releasing of the detailed operations instructions to the shop floor,etc.
  • Once all this process is completed the product is produced and is checked for quality.
  • The product is approved of its quality and it is move to the market.