Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What are the functions of ignition system at the different condition

The function of ignition system is to produce spark to initiate combustion process.

  • The temperature required to ignite the fuel varies accordingly.
  • The ignition process starts only if the fuel attains its self ignition temperature.
  • The spark with it self ignition temperature is required to start the ignition process.
  • The requirements of ignition system based on the working conditions.

Ignition system works according to the load conditions:

Functions of ignition system

  • The ignition timing should be advanced during light load conditions.
  • As at light loads the engine requires lean air fuel mixture which creates vacuum in the intake manifold.
  • This makes the combustion process slower.
  • The  system should have distributors to create spark in different cylinders .
  • However in electronic ignition system distributors are not present.
  • In this case spark can be created with the arrangement of multi-cylinders.

How to ignition system work in multi cylinder engine:

  • In multi cylinder engine ignition should take place in sequence.
  • In this case ignition system helps in controlling the spark timing and sequence of firing order according to the engine requirement.

How to ignition work in internal combustion engine:

  • The ignition system work in internal combustion engine.
  • An internal combustion engine is a device in which chemical energy converted into electrical energy and heat energy converted into mechanical energy.
  • In the internal combustion engine order to release the heat energy from chemical energy.
  • The air and fuel must be ignited at the end of the compression stroke.
  • In a spark ignition engine the mixture is ignited using a spark plug.

How to ignition system work in diesel engine:

  • In diesel engine the air and fuel mixture at the end of the compression stroke is ignited by itself.
  • This is possible by compressing the air to a high temperature and pressure with high compression ratio and injecting the fuel in to the combustion chamber such that the mixture reaches its self ignition temperature.