Sunday, 20 September 2020

Types of micrometers

The types of micrometers are

  1. Blade type micrometer
  2. Micrometer with “V” shaped anvil
  3. Micrometer with conical spindle tip
  4. Disc type micrometer
  5. Depth micrometer
  6. Indicator micrometer
  7. Ball contact micrometer
  8. Three – point contact micrometer
  9. Bench micrometer
  10. Micrometer heads
  11. Pointed contact micrometer
  12. Digital micrometer

Digital micrometer

Digital micrometer provides direct reading from 0.001 mm and employs liquid display. Digital micrometers are operated on an alkaline manganese battery. The digital micrometer spindle is made of stainless steel, whose threads are hardened, ground and lapped.

Digital micrometer
Digital micrometer

The measuring faces are made by the carbide tipped for a long tool life. For appropriate and easy readings, large diameter pearl chrome thimbles are provided.

The spindle and anvil are hardened and precision ground with micro lap finish in the ends. The operation is simple, quick and easy. The micrometer is provided with positive locking clamp, to lock the spindle at any desired position.

The control push buttons are used to operate the digital micrometer, for performing different operations.

The different types of buttons are.

  1. ON/OFF Button is used for power switching
  2. IN/MM Button is used to select the measurement unit (mm or inches). When the power is switched ON, the selected unit is displayed on the screen.
  • ZERO Button is used to reset the display to zero position.
  1. ORIGIN Button is used for setting the minimum value of a micrometer according to its sizes.
  2. HOLD Button is used for hold the determined measurements. It can be released by pushing the ZERO button.

Advantages of Digital micrometer

  1. Errors caused by the mechanical elements like screws, gears, etc… are eliminated.
  2. The digital instrument is compatible.
  3. The digital display can be easily set to zero position.
  4. Mainly the manual errors are eliminated.
  5. Easy and quickly adjustment.

Limitation of Digital micrometer:

  1. It should be calibrated at regular intervals.
  2. Leads to error in reading by the over tightening of the screw.
  3. The digital instrument should be handled with care.
  4. Digital micrometer is very expensive.