Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Types of Lathe machines in workshop

The types if lathes based on the design and their construction.

  1. Bench type lathe
  2. Engine lathe
  3. Speed lathe
  4. Tool room lathe
  5. Special purpose lathes
  6. Automatic lathes
  7. Capstan lathe and turret lathe

Bench type lathe:

Bench lathe is a very small lathe and is mounted on a separately prepared bench. The bench type lathe machine is used for small and precision work since it is very accurate.

Types of Lathe machines

It is usually provided with all the attachments that a larger lathe carries and is capable of performing almost all the operations.

Engine lathe:

Engine lathe is most widely used type of lathe machine. The engine laths are having an individual motor drive.

Speed lathe:

Speed lathe machine may have the supporting legs cast fitted to the bed. Speed lathes have most of the attachments and other type of lathes carry but have no provision for power feed.

Tool room lathe:

Tool room lathe machine is nothing but same engine lathe, but it’s equipped with few extra attachments to make it suitable for a relatively more accurate and precision type of work carried out in a tool room. It carries a wide range of feeds and speeds.

The usually attachments provided on a tool room lathe are.

  1. Taper turning attachments
  2. Collets
  3. Chucks
  4. Follower rest

Special purpose lathes:

A larger number of lathes are designed to suitable for a work and to perform certain specified operations only. Special purpose lathe machines proves more efficient as compared to the common engine lathes as far as this specified class of work is concerned.

Special purpose lathe machines are classified according to the drive.

  1. Heavy duty laths – having swing of centers above 300 mm.
  2. Small lathes – having swing up to 150 mm
  3. Medium size lathes – having swing of centers from 150 to 300 mm