Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Types of drilling machines used in industries

The different types of drilling machines are used in the industries based on the work. The drilling machines are made in many different types and sizes to handle a class of work.

Drilling machines are mainly used for from basic operations to the kind of large works in work place.

Types of drilling machines

Types of drilling machines:

  1. Portable drilling machine
  2. Radial drilling machine
    • Plain radial drilling machines
    • Universal Radial drilling machine
    • Semi universal radial drilling machine
  3. Multiple spindle drilling machine
  4. Gang drilling machine
  5. Deep hole drilling machine
  6. Upright drilling machine
  7. Sensitive drilling machine
  8. Automatic drilling machine

Portable drilling machine

The portable types of machines are used for drilling holes in work pieces in any position. These types of operations are not possible by the standard drilling machines.

The portable drilling machines are ease to operate and some of the machines are operated by hand power anywhere and any kind of position of work pieces in the workshop.

The high speed of the portable drilling machines is operated as smaller size drills are only used.

The size of the drill bit not more than 12 TO 18 mm and the machine motors are usually of universal type. These machines may be driven by Alternate current (A.C) and Direct current (D.C.).

Few of the portable drilling machines are driven by pneumatic power.

The use of cutting tools,cutting fluids and work holding devices

Size of the portable drilling machine

The size of the drilling machines are varies in the work place. The portable drilling machine is specified by the maximum diameter of the drill that it can be hold.

The other drilling machines are specified by the diameter of the largest piece that can be center under the spindle.