Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Types of constraints used in AutoCAD

Constraints are frequently used in AutoCAD for proper designing.

This Constrains are different types they are.

  1. Endpoint Tangent     
  2. Midpoint Nearest
  3. Center Apparent Intersection
  4. Node Parallel
  5. Quadrant
  6. Intersection
  7. Extension
  8. Insertion
  9. Perpendicular

Types of constraints in AutoCAD


The endpoint is used for selecting line of end point to construct line.


This method is useful for selecting the point from the line center. If we need to draw a line or any section from the center of line this midpoint method is used.


To select the circle center point by using center constrain. It is helpful draw a circle or line from the center of the circle without using work coordinate system.


If line is needs to be extended then the extension method is used.


To draw a perpendicular line from the existing line then perpendicular constrains is used.


The tangent method is helpful for attach a line to the circle surface. To draw a line from surface of circle it is not created so then the tangent method is used.


To draw similar lines then parallel constrain is used.