Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Types of Comparators and Uses

Comparator is a precision measuring device used for comparing the dimensions of component with that of working standards. It works on the principle of relative measurement.

It is used to compare dimensions of parts with working standards. It does not measure the actual dimension but indicates how the size of the part differs from the working standards. The readings are magnified by suitable arrangement. Measurements can be done rapidly and accurately. 

Comparator is suitable for mass production and it is used to check dimensions as well as geometric forms. There are no chance of errors due to incorrect contact pressure or deformations of component.

Types of comparators

Types of Comparators

Types of Comparators are as.

  1. Mechanical Comparators
  2. Mechanical – Optical Comparators                                                        
  3. Electrical and electronic Comparators
  4. Pneumatic Comparators                                                                        
  5. Fluid Displacement Comparators                                                        
  6. Projection Comparators
  7. Multi – Check Comparators                                                                    
  8. Automatic gauging comparators.

Uses of Comparators

  1. Comparators are used in mass production which involves quick checking of the components at very high speed.
  2. Comparators are used as laboratory standards and with the aid of these standards the inspection and operation of the gauges are specified.
  3. The comparators are attached to the different machines, they can be used as a working gauges. Which can prevent the work damage and maintain the requirement of tolerances at every significant stage in manufacturing process.
  4. They are used in selective assembly parts which involves grading of parts into three or more groups based on their tolerance.
  5. Comparators are used as final inspection gauges when selective assembly of production parts are required.