Sunday, 20 September 2020

Types of arc commands in AutoCAD

Main Topics

To create a curve with specific radius dimension is called arc. The arc is created by the selected point’s position in the drawing.

The arcs are different types they are.

  1. Three point arc
  2. Start, center, and end point arc
  3. Start, Center, and Angle arc
  4. Start, Center and Length arc
  5. Start, End and Angle arc
  6. Start, End and direction arc
  7. Start, End and Radius arc
  8. Center, Start, and end arc
  9. Center, Start and angle arc
  10. Center, Start, and Length arc
  11. Continue arc

Three Point arc:

The arc creates by using three points is called three point arc. Three point arc tool selected from draw toolbar.Three point arc

Start, center, and end point arc:

By using this method First select the point is starting point. And second point is center point it is the circle that the arc is a part of. Select the end point along with the center point to create an arc.

Start, Center, and Angle arc:

The angle of arc is created by the selecting the start point and center point including with angle.