Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Type of arrows heads used in the engineering drawing

The arrow heads are plays a vital role in the engineering drawing. Arrow heads are having with different measurements. The arrows heads are choosing them comply with the drawing standards.

Arrow heads

The arrow heads are

  1. Closed filled arrow
  2. Closed blank arrow
  3. Closed arrow
  4. Dot arrow
  5. Open arrow
  6. Dot small arrow
  7. Dot blank arrow
  8. Dot small blank arrow
  9. Box type arrow
  10. Open arrow
  11. Datum triangle type arrow
  12. Datum triangle filled arrow
  13. Integral type arrow
  14. Origin indicator arrow
  15. Origin indicator _ 2
  16. Architectural tick arrow
  17. Oblique type arrow
  18. Right angle type arrow
  19. Open 30 degrees
  20. Closed double arrow
  21. Closed double solid arrow
  22. Filled double arrows
  23. None type arrow
  24. Filled double arrow
  25. Top open arrow
  26. Bottom open arrow
  27. Top filled arrow
  28. Bottom filled arrow

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