Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Tool holding devices in workshop

The revolving spindle of a drilling machine can hold different types of cutting tools for different operations.

The tool holding devices are.

  1. Tool directly fitting in the spindle.
  2. Tool holding by sleeves
  3. Tool holding by chucks
  4. Tool holding by special attachments
  5. Tool holding By socket

Tool holding devices In workshop

These are the methods used for holding tools in a drill spindle.

Tool directly fitting in the spindle

These method is used in all general purpose of drilling machines have the spindle bored out to a standard taper to receive the taper shank of the tool.

The shank is forced into the tapered hole and the tool s gripped by friction while in fitting the tool.

Tool holding by sleeve

In this method the tool is holding by sleeve. Different sizes of tool shanks may be held in the spindle by using different sizes of sleeve.

  • The drill spindle is suitable for holding only one size of shank.

Types of Work holding devices in drilling machine.

Types of drilling machines used in industries.


Symbols of Surface Finish and Scales of sheet Sizes.

Tool holding by chucks

The chucks are mainly used for small size of drills and also used for other type of tools. The chucks are holding different sizes of shanks within a certain limit. Different types of chucks are manufactured according to the uses.

Chucks are two types they are.

  1. Quick change chuck
  2. Three – jaw self – centering chuck

Special attachments: Special attachments are two types they are.

  1. Floating holder
  2. Tapping attachments