Sunday, 20 September 2020

Sketch tool bar in catia v5

Use of profile toolbar is draw 2D sketches. Profile bar is a interface of a sketch commands. Profile bar such has a commands are.

Catia v5 Profile tool bar

Profile: Profile is used to create lines and arcs continuously. It is selecting from profile toolbar. 

Predefined Profile: Rectangle is used to create a different types rectangles by selecting points. when selecting a rectangle it shows different point specified commands such has a Elongated hole,keyhole profile,hexagon, etc.

Elongated hole: Elongated hole is creating by selecting two points same axis with specified dimensions and cursor move into few distance from the second point it is taking radius measurement.

Cylindrical Elongated Hole:

Cylindrical elongated hole it is drawn by selecting three points with specified dimensions. It is helpful for creating offset curves with arcs.

  • Procedure: Click on the cylindrical elongated hole command first select point at your specified location second point is select specified distance from the first point along the cylindrical cursor movement to select third point.

Keyhole profile:

Keyhole profile drawn by selecting four points first selecting two points with specified measurement next select third point is near to the slot shape control shape of length and width of the slot and select fourth point is control of the shape of curve.

finally use by keyhole profile command to create offset lines with arcs at end of the lines. See below figure how to use keyhole profile command to develop the drawings.


Select the Circle to see the interface of cylindrical related commands. It is helps to draw the circles and arc shapes. Circles interface such has a commands are.

  • Circle
  • Three point circle
  • Circle using coordinate
  • Tri-tangent circle
  • Three point arc
  • Arc.

Circle: This tool is used to draw circle based upon the selecting first point and second point is selecting from the first point to with specified dimension.

Three point circle: Three point circle command used to create circle by selecting three points.

Circle using coordinate: Circle creating based on specified dimensions from coordinate. In definition box specified the dimensions of circles. If you want to draw circles specified dimensions of circles before creating.

Tri-tangent circle: First create the three circles specified dimensions. Connecting to each circle to another circle by using tangent it is tri-tangent circle.

Three point arc:

Three point arc is used to create arcs with specified dimensions. Select arc from circle interface.

If you want to create arc by selecting first point on the draw space and next point move the cursor with along the curve select the point as well as select the third point. Give the radius to the exist curve according to the specified dimension. See below figure how to draw three point arc.


Select the points two (or) more where the spline is to be created. Adjusting the spline by the points.