Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Projects of design, analysis and manufacturingDesign and analysis of army vehicle chassis
Modeling and structural analysis of helicopter landing struct for different materials
Fea analysis of a cargo carrier.
Static & modal analysis of composite bracket assembly.
Modeling and analysis of a leaf spring.
Modeling and analysis of machine tool elements using ug and ansys.
Modeling and analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine blade.
Modeling and analysis of a connecting rod of a diesel engine.
Modelling and analysis of a drum brake.
Stress analysis of crankshaft.

Draw toolbar has a commands and it located at selection bar. Draw commands are used for drawing of objects such as lines,constructed lines, poly line, polygon,rectangle,arc,circle, ellipse and ellipse arcs.

Modify toolbar has a interface of edit commands which are used to edit the existing drawing.  Modify toolbar located at the selection bar.