Monday, 12 April 2021

Mikrokator type mechanical comparator

Mikrokator type mechanical comparator is a mechanical comparator used for obtaining mechanical magnification. It works on the principle of a button spinning on a loop of a string. The mikrokator comparator consists of a twisted thin metal strips to convert plunger small linear movements into pointers large circular movements.

Mikrokator Type Mechanical Comparator
Mikrokator Type Mechanical Comparator

The metal strip is fixed to the adjustable cantilever strip from one end and the other end is attached to the spring elbow.  The two halves of the metal strip is twisted from the center in position is opposite direction so that when strip is subjected to any pull it leads to the rotational movement of the pointer.

A very light pointer made of thin glass is situated at the center of the metal strip. One arm of life spring elbow is supported on the measuring plunger. This movement of the plunger results into a change of length in the strip as the strip goes on twisting and untwisting during the plunger movement.

The pointer at the center of the twisted strip rotates by an amount proportional to the change in length and hence it is proportional to the plunger movement.

Working of Mikrokator comparator

The bell crank lever is formed of flexible strips with a diagonal and which is relatively stiff. The length of the cantilever can be varied to adjust the magnification of the instrument. Since the center line of the strips is straight even when twisted. It is directly stretched by the tension applied to the strip.