Sunday, 20 September 2020

Mechatronics fabrication projects

Mechatronics fabrication projects leads with the combination of mechanical and electrical concepts.

Mechatronics fabrication projects

This fabrication consists of different concepts with different ideology.

  1. Remote Controlled Agriculture Robot for Spraying Liquid type pesticides.
  2. Mobile Controlled Rolling Shutter.
  3. Lamp pole height adjustment through remote.
  4. Modern Toilet for Railway Coach.
  5. Driver less Shuttling Train.
  6. Remote controlled Stretcher for Hospitals.
  7. Remote Operated 3 – D Crane for Industries.
  8. Line Following Trolley with Obstacle Avoiding System.
  9. Self contained Auto-Jack.
  10. Remote controlled Rolling shutter.
  11. Remote Controlled Window.
  12. Automatic Book locator for Library.
  13. Auto Setting of Hospital Bed with Angle Display.
  14. Line following line Robot.
  15. Johnson Counters Used to Drive the Platform.
  16. Automatic Platform Height Setting Mechanism.
  17. Remote Controlled Crane for Dockyard.
  18. Remote operated Fork-lift.
  19. Motorized Cradle for children.
  20. Mechanized sieve.
  21. Solar Powered Load Carrier.
  22. Remote Controlled Pole Carrier.
  23. Mango Crop Protector.
  24. Automatic street light that is powered through speed breaker.
  25. Stretcher height adjustment mechanism controlled through remote.
  26. A novel Instrument that measures the length of bars.
  27. Intelligent transport system for metro cities.
  28. Power generation through Pedaling system.
  29. Automatic stand for two wheeler.
  30. Under ground parking system.
  31. Automatic painting machine for walls.
  32. Train Collision Avoiding System.
  33. Automatic power  generating through Foot steps.
  34. Solar based Air Compressor Hydraulic Lift.
  35. Automatic Power Generation Through Pedestrian Pathway.
  36. Crane mechanism controlled through Remote.
  37. Automatic street light powered through vehicle movement.
  38. Power generation through solar and wind for an automobile.
  39. Semi Automatic Material Carrier For Mining And Tunneling Industries.
  40. Trapping & Utilizing  Low Cost Non Conventional Sources  For  High Way Lighting System.
  41. Shuttling platform.
  42. MPTS Mechanism.
  43. Mechanized switch with load sensing device.
  44. Auto control of dam shutter.
  45. Double axis pulley used for raising and placing the weights.
  46. Motorized desk drawer.
  47. Head carried seeds spreading machine.
  48. Solar cap used to energize liquid sprayer for former.
  49. Fabrication of remote operated weapon system.
  50. Automatic rain operated wiper.
  51. Remote controlled solar vehicle
  52. mechanized push handle lawn mower.
  53. Automatic black board cleaning mechanism.
  54. overhead tank cleaning mechanism.
  55. mechanized vegetable cutter.
  56. mechanized  glass window cleaner.
  57. Rain sensing automatic wipers for automobiles.

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