Friday, 10 July 2020

Digital micrometer provides direct reading from 0.001 mm and employs liquid display. Digital micrometers are operated on an alkaline manganese battery.

To determine geometrical errors such as roundness, taper etc. Determination of errors caused in surface position such as alignment, parallelism, flatness, etc. Indicator used for measuring the deformation in compression or tension testing of components.

Inside micrometer is used for the measurement of large internal dimension. The measuring head (micrometer unit) Extension rods

The number of the division of the barrel scale that coincides with the beveled edge of the thimble and the number of the division of the thimble scale that coincides with the axial line on the barrel have to be observed.

Micrometer is an essential instrument for measuring the complicated jobs. Types of micrometers are based on the ranges.

Vernier calipers are used for internal and external dimensional linear measurements. The combined type provides a means for Internal, external and height, depth measurements.

Reading the vernier scale it seems to difficult to the newcomers. Vernier calipers are essentially consisting of two steel rules that slide along with each other. Two steel rules called as a one is main scale and another one is vernier scale.

In the workshop number tools and appliances are used in connection with marking out as well as for other purposes. The marking out table is an essential part of the equipment.