Sunday, 20 September 2020

Measurement units and formulas of milling machine

Main Topics

Measurement units are plays very important role in the milling machine to know the position of the component structure. Helpful for getting accuracy dimensions of the part.

Formulas of milling machine

Measurement units are.

DIA                  =  Diameter

d                      =  Depth of Cut

F                      =  Feed Inn Inches or mm per minute (F)

IPM                 =  Inches Per Minute

FPT                 =  Feed Per Tooth

FPR                 =  Feed Per Revolution

L                      =  Length of Cut

RPM                =  Revolution Per Minute

MRR               =  Metal Removal Per Rate

SFM                =  Surface Feed Per Minute

MMPR            =  Millimeters Per Revolution

SMPM             =  Surface Meters Per Minute

T                      =  Number Of Teeth In A  Cutter

W                     =  Width of Cut

TCs                 =  Time Cutting in Seconds

TCm                =  Time Cutting in Minutes

TPI                  =  Thread Per Inch

IPR                  =  Inches Per Revolution


SFM  (Surface Feed Per Minute)        =          0.262 X DIA X RPM

                                                                        Cutting Speed

RPM  (Revolution Per Minute)            =          3.82 X SFM ÷ DIA

                                                                        Revolution Per Minute

IPM  (Inches Per Minute)                    =          FPT ÷ (RPM X T)

                                                                        Feed For Tooth

MRR  (Metal Removal Per Rate)        =          W x d x  F

                                                                        Metal Removal Per Rate

FPR  (Feed Per Revolution)                =          IPR ÷ RPM

                                                                        Feed Per Revolution

FPT  (Feed Per Tooth)                        =          IPM ÷ (RPM x T)

                                                                        Feed Per Tooth

SMPM  (Surface Meters Per Minute)  =          SFM x 03048

                                                                        Converting SFM To SMPM

MMPR  (Millimeters Per Revolution)  =         IPR x 25.40

                                                                       Converting IPR To MMPR

L   (Length of Cut)                              =          IPM x TCm

                                                                        Distance Over Time

TCm  (Time Cutting in Minutes)         =          L ÷ IPM

                                                                        Time Cutting Over Distance In Minute

TCs  (Time Cutting in Seconds)         =          L ÷ IPM x 60

                                                                Time Cutting Over Distance In Seconds

IPR  (Inches Per Revolution)             =        IPM ÷ RPM

                                                                   Converting IPM To IPR