Thursday, 22 October 2020

Introduction about autocad and different types of short cut commands

Main Topics

Commands are play main role in AUTOCAD software. With out commands create drawings it is highly impossible task.

These Commands are also call Tools Because these are used to creating drawings and modifying drawings. Which are used to fulfill the complete task of requirement of the model drawing.

Types of short cut commands

Drawing commands

Command nameShort keysMenu BarResult of command  
LineLine/L Draw>LineBy using a straight line segment from one point to another point.



Draw a circle based on a center point and radius,diameter.
Arc    Arc/ADraw> Arc,Radius,CenterTo draw arcs with based on radius,points,angles.
Poly linePoly Draw>poly line,Using polygon creating different shape of Drawings, Spline is using creating different path of Lines.

Ellipse creating different shape of Ellipse. Rectangle command is used to create rectangular bars.

Spline        SplineSpline
HatchH-Enter  Draw>HatchHatch command is used to fulfill the line segments in selected area.
Move M-Enter   Modify>Move Move Command is used to move the selecting the drawing from one point to another point.
 Copy CO -Enter   Modify>Copy Copy Command is used to copy of the drawing replace at another location
 Scale   SC-Scale Modify>Scale Scale Command is used to changing the sizes of the drawing. Scale command is to decrease the size of drawing and increasing size of drawing
Mirror MI-Enter Modify>Mirror Creates a mirror image of an object or selection set.
Trim TR-Enter Modify>Trim  Remove unnecessary lines and points
Extend EX-Enter Modify>Extend  Extends objects up to a selected boundary edge.
OffsetSelect object> O-Enter  Modify>Offset  Offsets set an object (parallel) by a set distance.
ChamferCHA-Enter Modify>Fillet  Creates a round corner between two lines.
Fillet F-Enter


Modify>Fillet  Creates a round corner between two lines
ArrayArray / AR  Modify > Array Creates a repeating pattern rectangular and polar array of the selected objects.