Tuesday, 26 May 2020

How to use the coordinate system in the drawing and manufacturing templates

In The drawing template coordinate system is a main function. Based on these  system drawing can be developed.

The Coordinate system is also called as a datum coordinate system. Coordinate systems are mainly used on the two categories they are.

  1. CAD (Computer aided designing)
  2. CAM (Computer aided manufacturing)   

Coordinate system

In the modeling template coordinate system is called as a Work coordinate system). In the manufacturing template coordinate system is called as a (Machine coordinate system).

Work coordinate system 

Work coordinate system is placed at the center of the template which can be also change the axis and directions according to the drawing requirements.

Coordinate system has three directions of axis they are.

  1. X – Axis
  2. Y – Axis
  3. Z – Axis

In the modeling template the coordinate systems are different types they are using based on the design requirements. Coordinate systems are used for developing the drawings from sketch to modeling.

The coordinate systems are.

  1. Dynamic type coordinate system (It is used as absolute coordinate system)
  2. Origin, X – Point, Y – Point
  3. X – Axis, Y – Axis, Origin
  4. Z – Axis, X – Axis, Origin
  5. Z – Axis, Y – Axis, Origin
  6. Plane, X – Axis, Point
  7. Three planes
  8. Absolute CSYS

Machine coordinate system (MCS)

In the manufacturing template the coordinate system is called machine coordinate system. It can be modifies the direction of the axis according to the manufacturing part.

The machine coordinate system is also called NC coordinate system (numerical control system). System is also used for object offset and machine tool offset in the process of manufacturing.

The machine coordinate systems are.

  1. X – Axis, Y – Axis, Origin
  2. Z – Axis, X – Axis, Origin
  3. Z – Axis, Y – Axis, Origin
  4. Plane, X – Axis, Point
  5. Three planes
  6. Absolute CSYS
  7. Plane axis and vector axis
  8. Z – Axis, X – Point
  9. CSYS of Current View
  10. Offset CSYS
  11. Point, Perpendicular Curve