Tuesday, 26 May 2020

How to use inside calipers and outside calipers for measuring.

Vernier Calipers is used for the accurate measurement of lengths with greater precision. The measuring of machining parts by using the different types of measuring instruments are used according to the sizes and shapes.

The measuring instruments are keep in safe place and to maintain zero errors. While measuring machine components instruments are showing errors in dimension of the part. So then maximum don’t use them.

Inside calipers and outside calipers

The errors showing instruments are keep it outside from the inspection place. The errors showing instruments may be setting by experts. Now coming to the point

Inside Calipers

The regular calipers are generally used for measuring the dimension of the part. If some cases the deep level of sizes are not possible to measuring by the regular calipers.

So then the inside calipers are useful to measure the deep level of sizes. The inside calipers are having two legs and with outside edges which are adjusting by the screw. The edges are setting the position according to the sizes and shapes.

To take the setting position of the inside caliper from the measuring part then the position of the caliper measure by the regular caliper for to know the dimension of the shape which may be in length or diameter.

Outside Caliper

The outside calipers are used for the measuring the dimension of the part sizes in deep level. Which are also using like inside calipers but the outside calipers having edges are inside.

The caliper legs positions are setting according to the shape of the part.

The outside calipers are adjusted by the screw to keep the position until measuring. To take the outside caliper setting position from the part and the caliper setting position is measuring by the regular caliper for to know the actual dimension of the part sizes.