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How to use drawing commands in autocad

Draw toolbar has a commands and it located at selection bar. Draw commands are used for drawing of objects such as lines,constructed lines, poly line, polygon,rectangle,arc,circle, ellipse and ellipse arcs.

This toolbar is used for creating 2 Dimensional  drawings. How to use draw commands in auto cad see below explained detailing of each command and see video how create drawing by using this commands.

Draw commands

  • Line: line is draw a straight and different sides
  • Construction line: Construction lines used for creating a vertical lines and Horizontal lines
  • Poly line: By using poly line to draw lines and as well as arcs
  • Polygon: This tool draws polygon with three or more sides
  • Rectangle: This tool used to draw rectangles
  • ArcDraw arc by selecting two or three points with radius
  • Circle: Used to create circles
  • Splines: Used to draw smooth curves that posses through the fit points
  • Ellipse: Used to draw ellipse
  • Ellipse arc: Used to draw ellipse arcs

Line command:

Line command is used to draw lines on Auto CAD. To draw line first click on F8 ortho on it used for draw line in horizontal and vertical directions with out breaking line up to certain length.

Example: Draw a rectangle shape select line command and draw lines with 5 mm  length of all sides.

Construction line:

Construction line is used to create lines which are infinite lengths and it is used for construction and reference lines such as a horizontal lines,vertical lines,angles and bisects.

Poly line:

Poly line is used for creating 2d poly line segments and arcs segments. Below diagram draw by poly line command.


Select polygon command and to draw equilateral closed poly line. This tool specifies the different parameters of the polygon including number of sides.


  • Click on rectangle icon on the draw toolbar
  • Specify first corner point click on screen anywhere and as well as select another point few distance from first point .

If you wish to draw rectangle specific sizes do the following.


To create arc by using arc command. you can specify combination of center,endpoint,start point,radius,angle,chord length and direction value.

To create three point arc. First selecting the first point as well as selecting the second and third point with radius dimension.

If you want to create arc do the following steps in figure.


Circle command used to creates circles and it is selected on toolbar. Draw circles based on center point and diameter or radius. To create by diameter “C” enter and “D” enter with specify diameter value.

If you create circles do follow the steps in figure.

Diameter of circle

Create circles by radius “C” enter and “R” enter specify radius value.


Specify the first point of the spline either the first fit point it depends upon the current method. Create additional spline segments until your select next point.


To create an ellipse by selecting three points.the first two points of the ellipse determine the length and location of the first axis.the third point determines the distance between the center of the ellipse and end of second point of the axis.

Ellipse arc:

To create an Elliptical arc

  • Select first point with axis determines the angle of the Elliptical arc.
  • The first axis can be define major (or) minor axis depending on it’s size.
  • Create by Elliptical arc selecting first two points determines the Location and length of the axis.
  • Third point is determines the distance between the center of the elliptical arc and end point of the second axis. Fourth and fifth points are start and end angles of the elliptical arc.

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