Sunday, 20 September 2020

How to use autocad in industrial and various fields

This is a computer aided design (CAD) and drafting. This is used for developing 2D drawings (Two-Dimensions) and 3D drawings (Three dimensions).

This software is used to create 2D drawings accuracy, and it should be easy to learn and most of the designers implementing drawings by using to AutoCAD software.

Used autocad in industrial

This commands are work on any version but little bit changes from existing compared to higher version and lower version.

Manufacturing field AutoCAD Specialities

Mechanical designers are using autocad software for developing designs according to the requirements. Mechanical drafters are developing 2d and 3d drawings by using AutoCAD software.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industries.

In the sheet metal fabrication industries autocad is frequently used for developing the sheet metal drawings.

Sheet metal Fabrication Industries

These drawings are easy to understanding for making of production. Programmers are developing the NC program according to the design of components.  

AutoCAD used in mechanical field

This software used in mechanical field for designing of mechanical parts such as defence component designs and automobile component designs. mechanical drafters can develop detailed drawings and complete structure of component drawing views.

Autocad in Mechanical field

Designers are  drawn complicated drawings by using AutoCAD software it is providing accuracy dimensions of designing. In this type of process can be saves time and money for engineers compared to traditional prototype.

AutoCAD used in electrical field

Software used in electrical field for designing of electrical components drawings and electrical related component drawings. Such as drawings are substation schematics, transmission grid drawings, wiring drawings and ladder drawings.

  • Electrical AutoCAD software has a specific commands for to develop drawings of electrical parts.
  • It is helpful for developing production of electrical components.

AutoCAD used in Architectural field

Its plays a main role in architectural field it is used for planning and designing of buildings, layout designs, windows and walls designing of home.

Architecture field

  • Engineers are developing designing with adequate knowledge.
  • Engineers are developing design structure replicated in real-time.
  • This software has specified commands for designing. It is used for developing of construction field.

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