Sunday, 20 September 2020

How to understanding tool offset and work offset

These offsets are relation between tool and work in CNC machine. The CNC work performance based on the offsets. The tool offset and work offsets are setting by the axis (X, Y and Z) to check the error by using dial indicator.

The offsets actual involves

  1. Actual diameter
  2. Tool type
  3. Tool materials
  4. Tool pocket
  5. Approximate length
  6. Approximate Diameter
  7. Edge measure height
  8. Tool tolerance

Tool offset and Work offset

Tool offset:

The offset is setting by the tool specifications. Tools are selected according to the work so which are having different lengths and different diameters.

The required tools are stored in the tool magazine and tool offset is not set by only one tool so then the offset is set by the all tools. The tool offset error is check by the dial indicator device.

Work offset:

The work offset is the distance between the machines zero and work zero in the axis. The work offset is setting by the work piece specification (LENGTH, HEIGHT, and WIDTH) wise.

According to the tool path work piece is setting in the CNC machine. The error is checked by the dial indicator. After the tool offset and work offset machine run on the sample piece to check the error and dimensions of the work piece.

If any errors are find after the machine process to again set the tool and work offset for proper work.