Tuesday, 26 May 2020

How to understanding the manufacturing drawing

Understanding the manufacturing drawing is seems to be a quite difficult  to compare normal drawing sheet.

Draft men’s are preparing the manufacturing drawings based on the time and performance of machines so which are not easy to understanding without basic knowledge of drawings.

understanding the manufacturing drawing

In the drawing sheet there is a huge number of manufacturing symbols are indicated on the drawing views according to the engineering standards.

The symbols are sheet surface and GD&T symbols which are located on the views along with the dimension line. In the drawing sheet observe the views of drawing which are in first angle projection or third angle projection. 

Title block Contains

Title block is playing a vital role in the drawing sheet it has a whole information about the drawing. 

Title block

  1. Name:  Company name who prepared the drawing.
  2. Name and date: Draft man information, checked, and approved the drawing.
  3. Part name/description: Describes what the part name.
  4. Part/drawing number: Assigned number to identify the part.
  5. Revision: Identifies the correct version of the drawing.
  6. Scale (optional): Ratio of actual size of the part compared to the size of the part on the drawing.
  7. Sheet Number: The numbers of sheets which is more than one.

Manufacturing drawing index 

  • Drawing template
  • Isometric drawing view
  • Orthographic drawing views (front view,right side view,top view,)
  • Section views (half section views,cross section views)
  • GD&T Symbols
  • Dimensions
  • Angle projection
  • Scale
  • BOM (Bill of Material).

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