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How to open ansys 11 software and tool commands

Ansys Finite element analysis program can simulate the wide range of engineering problems. Getting solutions of engineering problems needs either computerized program of  or computerized finite element analysis programs like ansys, hypermesh etc.

Types of analysis

  1. Structural analysis

This analysis is defined as estimation of load effects such as deformations, stresses, strains on solid bodies.  Structural analysis apply on withstanding loaded bodies such as automobiles, aerospace components, bridges, machines etc.  

This type of analysis had another several types of structural engineering problems. 

These structural problems are

A. Static analysis: 

This analysis is used to find out the displacement vector values for applied boundary and loading conditions on solid bodies.

B. Modal analysis: 

This type of analysis is used for obtaining the natural frequencies and mode shapes of structural bodies.

C. Harmonic analysis: 

Harmonic analysis is used to finding the response of mode shape of structure when that structure suffered from steady state sinusoidal load at each frequency.

D. Transient dynamic analysis: 

Transient analysis is used to finding the response of mode shape of structure when that structure suffered from unsteady state loading conditions with varying time.

2. Thermal analysis:

Thermal analysis is defined as estimating the steady state temperature or time dependent temperature and heat flux of solid bodies.

Open ansys 11 software file

Ansys Window

  • Click on start and select ansys product launcher.
  • Product launcher shows some system options including default as a working directory.
  •  Select file location in working directory and specify job name.
  • Click on run.

Tool commands

Ansys software consists SIX major tools. They are

  • Utility tools
  • Input window
  • Tool bar
  • Main menu
  • Graphics window
  • Message window

Ansys software stores files as database file.

Example: ansys file db.

Database files take more size in computer but reduce the file size with saving the data base file after Preprocessor step and  before go to solution step.

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