Sunday, 20 September 2020

How to do mill planer in nx

Mill planar is a process of removing material which is in the form of slots like rectangles and arcs.

Process followed in creation of mill planar:

  • Create the model in required cad software with required dimensions.
  • Create the one more model over present model with little higher dimensions.
  • This model act as a block for the work piece model.
  • Open the manufacturing.
  • Click on the operation.
  • Select the face milling area tool and geometry keep as MCS_MILL.
  • Now select the specify part.
  • Select the specify the cut area.

Planer mill toolpath

  • This cut area is nothing but which we want to remove the material.
  • Pick a tool to remove the material the  tool must be relative to operation which we are doing.
  • The tool is MILL.
  • Here we see one tool bar in that set the diameter of the tool.
  • Set the tool axis as normal to face or zm axis.
  • Check out the cutting parameters and non cutting parameters.
  • Click on the generate.
  • Click on the verify.
  • Finally operation will be obtained.