Sunday, 20 September 2020

How to do break corner and Chamfer in nx sheet metal

Break corner and chamfer tools are used to make some changes over sheet metal body. Both the tools provides a different activity in creation of the parts.

Break corner

Rounds or chamfers a sharp corner of a tab or flange. Here by using this tool we can do two different operations.

Break Corner Sheet metal

One is Forming Bend to part and secondary is Forming chamfer.

Bend: Completely formed with radius and creates smooth edges.

Chamfer: This tool is applicable by distance and creates sharp edges.

Fig shows the application of Break corner.


Chamfers sharp edges between faces. In this tool we different options to perform over a body. They are classified into different category.

Chamfer settings in Sheet metal

  • Offset and Angle: Formed with distance and some required angle.
  • Symmetric: Formed with single distances.
  • Asymmetric: Here it is with two different distances.



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