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How to changing unit system in autocad

Units system: It plays a major in creation of parts  based on this category. The dimension to the parts will be allocated. This are majorly in MM,INCHES.


  1. Click on Start in  window of  your computer.
  2. Select autocad 2013 on programs or Select the autocad icon on desktop.
  3. Change the file name according to drawing of part name (ex: drawing name. (dwg) when autocad file open.

Units Settings:

Units settings are very important task in autocad system. Unit system improves measurements of part drawing. When  build objects in autocad its open with default settings.

Need to change them manually Default settings of measurements are in may be units of “inches” when customer desires  to show the measurements of existing drawing it is in inches so now able to convert current units into desired another units.

Drawing units

When designers are preparing drawings they maintaining units in “millimeters”. If need to  change the settings of units in autocad see below figure.

Drawing units in that decimals setting according to dimensions style.

Type option in above dialog box sets the current format for measurement of objects.  In type option values are include Architectural,Decimal, Engineering, Fractional, and scientific.

In that Engineering and architectural formats are produces feet and inches displays for the requirement objects which should be represent assume drawing unit in inches.

The other formats of units represent in any real-world. Drawing units setting by selecting formats in the menu bar in that select units otherwise type in type command area command name of “units” Enter then it will open.

Drawing area Settings

The area is set by limits which is controls area of expanding grid system. It is also serves as a visual reference that marks the working area. It can be also used to avoid the build drawing outside the grid limits and as a plot option that defines an area to be plot/printed.

Autocad drawing area


  • In the menu bar select FORMATS pull down in that select the drawing limits (or) type in type area LIMITS
  • Press the enter it will open like below figure.
  • Enter the 0,0 in the in the type command press enter and next enter in the same place 1000,1000
  • press enter next “z” enter,”a” enter.

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