Monday, 12 April 2021

Kaplan turbine is an axial flow reaction turbine best suitable for low heads (1.5 to 30 m). It can be handle large quantity of water and it runs faster with maintain high efficiency.

Air standard cycles employs air as the working fluid assuming air to behave as a perfect gas.

Jet population systems in which the workout put of the gas turbine plant is used to produce high velocity of hot gases.

Petrol engine works on Otto cycle principle. In this petrol engine air and fuel mixture is drawn in the engine cylinders. In this engine ignition is takes place due to spark, therefore this engine is called spark ignition engine.

Water turbine is a machine which is converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

Conversion of heat energy into mechanical work is termed as a heat engine.

Constant volume process in this volume remains constant, work done is equal to zero. The constant volume process is also known as a Isochonic process.

Mandrel is used for holding and rotating a hollow piece of work that has been previously drilled. The work is revolves with the mandrel, which is mounted between two center.

A chuck is a one of the most important devices for holding and rotating a piece of work in a lathe.

The tool post is an essential part in the lathe machine. The tool post is located on the top of the compound rest to hold the tool and enable it to be adjusted to a convenient working position on the lathe machine.