Monday, 12 April 2021

Electrical Comparators

The electrical comparators are depends upon the operation on an A.C Wheatstone bridge circuit with a galvanometer.

In these electrical types of comparators electrical signals are generated due to movement of the measuring contact. The generated electrical signals are recorded and calibrated in terms of plunger movement by an instrument.

Coil A and B holds the armature which is supported on thin steel strips. The gap between the coils and armature is equal. White stone Bridge, which results in the flow of current through the galvanometer.

electrical comparators

The scale of the galvanometer is calibrated, and gives movements to the plunger. High degree of reliability is possible in electrical comparators because of less moving parts. High order of magnification is possible by this type of comparator.

Advantages of Electrical Comparators

  • The electrical comparators are consists of less moving parts and thereby reducing errors.
  • The electrical comparators are can be used as measuring head.
  • High magnification in desired cases is easily possible.
  • It is used in indication panel, to provide visual indication
  • Friction errors are eliminated through usage of an A.C. supply.
  • It is used for external gauging, internal gauging and thickness gauging.
  • Vibrations are reduced, due to least weight of mechanism.
  • It is also used for flatness measurement.
  • Indicating instruments can be held at remote locations from measuring units.