Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Difference between the gases and solids, liquids

Gases and Solids, Liquids which are having different methods and conditions between them.

Gases and Solids

Effect of Temperature and PressureThe gas is expands infinitely and contract easily under pressure.It is not effect the volume.Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the solids the volume is not change but only shape of solid is change.
Consideration in Practical purposeGases are readily compressible.It is considered as compressible.It is considered as incompressible.
 Shape and volumeIt neither contains shape or nor volume.It does not contain shape but it contains only volume.Solids contains shape and volume.
 StructureIt does not form of free surface but it fills the gap of containers.It is form shape and it occupies the shape of container.It is very compact and rigid form.
Inter molecular Bonding Very Week Weak Strong
Latitude of motion of molecules and spacing Large Small Very small