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Bending allowances and types of sheet metal bendings

Main Topics

Bending allowances and types of sheet metal bendings The bending allowances are based on the thickness of sheet metals and material properties.

Material properties of sheet metal mainly two types they are.

  1. Mild steel
  2. Aluminum
Thickness of Sheet (mm)Bending Allowances
Mild SteelAluminium

Types of sheet metal bendings.

  1. Flange
  2. Contour Flange
  3. Lofted Flange
  4. Bend
  5. Jog



Flange is a type of bend which has a different radius with angle and length.

Types of grinding machines and how to used grinding machines in workshop

Types of bending properties.

  1. Full type width
  2. At center type width with dimension from end to end
  3. At end type width
  4. From end type
  5. From both ends type

Angles from 1 to 180 degrees.

Types of relief at bend and corner relief.

  • Square
  • Round
  • Bend only
  • Bend face
  • Bend face chain

What is the linear measurement and Types of linear measuring instruments.

How to use inside calipers and outside calipers for measuring.         

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What is the reverse engineering method and how to prepare it?